Two Days to Christmas

December 22nd, 2006 § 0

Remember this layout? I’m recycling. Because aside from the obvious reason that I don’t have time anymore to revamp this site for a Christmas layout, it’s always a good thing to look back and relive past Christmasses (without the bitterness and all; of course you know what I mean by that). So here.

One Christmas wish was granted for me. Hope you got yours too. :)

I don’t know which site to focus on anymore, I end up updating all of them. One. Two. Three. Take your pick. That’s why there’s a lot of cross-posting going on.

Lately I’ve been thinking about focusing on my domain nalang, for SEM-related reasons. However, I have this unexplainable attachment to Tabulas, it breaks my heart to let it go (ohh, and what with the paid account that Roy so generously given me–nah, who would want to let that go?) So.. I’m keeping it nalang. (There goes my undecisive self.)

Zoom in on the “real world”, there are gazillions of things happening at once, and I’ve somehow managed to unconsciously drown myself into the rush that Christmas is.

This week, I did what everyone normally would at a time such as this: I obligingly went to work in the mornings, shopped for gifts after work; shared the excitement of them last minute Christmas shoppers; spent the night cutting red and green wrappers and ribbons; sighed a little as I watched those twinkling lights we happened to pass by along the way; and, when the lights were all out, whispered words of thanks to Him who puts meaning to the word CHRISTmas with His very name.

Coz no gift would be more perfect, more perfect than you
You’re the only wish I pray for, I pray would come true
I can’t wait to wake up to a new December dawn
With you by my side, from this Christmas on..

Gone are the days when the excitement of Christmas came with the gifts that were for me. It’s my turn to spread the love. The gifts are all wrapped. I can’t wait to give them away.

Merry Christmas, everyone. :)

Starbucks Limited Edition Planner 07

December 20th, 2006 § 11

Starbucks Limited Edition Planner 2007 After 21 Cups, I finally got mine.

Since I first got my Starbucks Planner three years ago, the quest for that limited edition Starbucks Planner has become more than just, well, a quest, but an excuse to indulge in caffeine with friends (and make memories on the side). I dunno if Starbucks ever thought of it as something beyond marketing strategy. IMHO, knowingly or unknowingly, Starbucks has managed to come up with one of the most classic Yuletide traditions that our generation will carry with through time.

That’s what I’ve been telling this friend of mine. While he keeps on insisting that by collecting those little stickers we become victims of passive consumerism, my argument still stands–the coveted Starbucks Planner is just the icing on the cake. The classic feel-good moments, the heart-felt conversations (and laughtrips), and the memories made over Toffee Nut Latte and/or (insertyourfavoriteStarbucksdrinkhere) — these are the real deal.

Last year’s starbucks planner left me with pagefulls of lessons learned, rants, quotable quotes, sentimental junk and frozen moments. I wonder what the next year has in store? Yes, this year’s planner’s is a little bit too bulky and too pimped for me. The free stubs were gone, and I’m not really a fan of spring binds. But I do love its leather cover and matching pen, and the mushy little things that adorn its pages. I thought of selling it (like I said, I wasn’t into the planner more than I was with the tradition). Then again, it’s the product of all those Starbucks moments I had.. with you (and you, and you). So I’m keeping it. No more second thoughts.

I got my Starbucks Planner last Monday. Ikaw? Have you got yours yet? c”,)

Stress Balls, Anyone?

December 13th, 2006 § 0

My mind is gona explode. I’ve never been loaded with this much work-related stuff to study in my entire professional existence (but duh, what do you expect, the only OTHER company I ever was with has got PETIKS written all over its logo).

I’ve not much time to do rakets and other stuff I used to do online (blog, surf, bloghop, shop, window shop, freelance, etc); I practically live in the office; I breathe SEO/SEM/Internet Marketing every day; sometimes I dream about work too.

But I’m loving every bit of it. :P

Times like this, you get by with a little help from your
friendly neighborhood balls. Uh, whatever :P

Speaking of stress balls, why don’t you get yourself some balls (pun NOT intended) here? Bulk orders only. They’re perfect Christmas gifts for stressed bosses and officemates. Squish them, take pictures of them (er yeah), or throw them at your irritating officemate’s face, however suits you. c”,)

* * *

Barely two weeks to Christmas, would you believe? Yay. I have to admit though, I wouldn’t have noticed it if not for my jumpy officemates and their nonstop planning (and annoucements) for this coming Friday’s company Christmas party; and the lovely, lovely, low-budget-but-still-lovely Christmas decorations that adorn our entire floor. Christmas is definitely in the air. :)

However preoccupied I am, Christmas spirit CANNOT wait. There’s no point not to feel it, breathe it, and savor each moment. ♥ c”,)

Here’s to remind us that there’s still such a thing as happy ever after; that Christmas is a time to spread the luuurve; and Pink is the ‘in’ thing, even in SEM. ♥ Click away. ;)

Starbucks Season, Here We Come

December 2nd, 2006 § 1

Starbucks Planner Colorful, complicated rubics cube; Sweet, chilly toffee nut latte; Most people fail to see it but trust me, they make a great match.

Yay for weekends, and starbucks planner seasons, and rubics cubes (however lousy I am at them), and cold December nights such as now (even if you don’t have anyone to hug and hold). Will you love me still even if my head’s all jumpy and meshed up? Take a detour?

By the way, dont forget the link looove. Ituloy Angsulong c”,)

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