Crushing On Michael Scofield

January 26th, 2007 § 15

Went Worth MillerYou can break as many prisons, and tattoo as many roadmaps on your skin all you want, Mike. You’re still the cleanest looking guy I’ve ever seen on TV.

Wentworth Miller (a.k.a. Michael Scofield) is not only virtually breaking a prison, he’s breaking thousands of hearts too.. including mine. (Duh. Lame, I know.) But can you blame me for succumbing to those blue eyes? And that smile we rarely see because his serious and intellectual Prison Break role does not really call for him to smile that much? Gah. I’m crushed.

January DesktopSo crushed I had to put him up my desktop to keep my sanity intact. It’s just that.. Prison Break’s been crossing my mind periodically at work (and annoyingly too because obviously, I have piles of work to think about). So I thought, perhaps, I should just feed my addiction until I tire out of it. So I googled photos of him and daydreamed my way through them. Then I hopped from one fan site to another (and to blogs, and movie/tv sites, whathaveyou), looking for whatever information I can get of Michael Scofield, er, Wentworth Miller. Here’s what I’ve got, so far.

He’s 34. He graduated from Princeton, English Literature. He guested at Buffy The Vampire Slayer a couple of times (how come I didn’t notice that beautiful face?? Pfft). He played minor roles in Underworld, Joan of Arcadia, and other films I’ve never heard of before. I’m not so sure if he’s married, or if he has a girlfriend (then again, a guy like him?). He just kind-of mentioned in one of his interviews that he’s “too busy to find love”. Oh yeah. Can anyone really get too busy to find love?? I don’t think so.

So here’s the point to this blog post. Since I have a website, and there’s a freedom of speech going on in www, here’s to you, Mr. Wentworth Miller: I’m giving you the keys to my heart so you can break in whenever and however you want. Please. Marry me.

Gah. Don’t mind me. This will be over soon. c”,)

2007, Bring it On! :)

January 16th, 2007 § 2

Hey, I’m (kindof) back. ;)

It’s the first time in so-and-so years that I failed to blog a year-end recap here at tabulas. I’ve been looking forward to have some spare time to blog, but this past month, it never came. I made a vow not to touch a computer during the holidays–the Christmas break was just too short to NOT be spent with family, or with my twinsize bed back in homeland Caloocan, and a bunch of DVDs. So the holiday break went pass like that–no computer and internet in sight. Back at work, there’s just too much SEM load going on since the start of the year that I couldn’t find time to update my blogs too. (I do have time, however, for Ituloy Angsulong, especially since we’re down to a little over a month before the contest ends–so fly there, fans, if you have time.)

The Apartment, meanwhile, has become a blackhole of sorts. Aside from my roommate’s TV and DVD player, and a couple of electric fans scattered around the two-floor edifice we’ve all grown to call “home”, we are pretty much neanderthal there. Yes, The Apartment may be situated in Ortigas, in one of the most prestigious villages there, and a few blocks away from Shangrila, Megamall, and the booming business district that Ortigas Center is, but we might as well be in some remote provincial area and there wouldn’t be that much of a difference. Hehe. I tell you. Technology is the farthest thing you’d think of the moment you step into our very spacious (indeed!) living room. I’m not so sure if that’s good or bad.

The Housemates are wonderful, though. Somehow, being (literally) around each other has numbed the quarter-life syndrome and unpredictable strikes of depression that women our age had to go through. The room is still pink. And I still love the idea of sleeping late, and waking up late, and still be able to go to work on time (..Er).

Then again, while I love having a legitimate social life outside the internet, I kind of miss having an accessible computer off office hours. My PC has lost its value, since, like I said, our apartment doesn’t have any technology to offer–no telephone lines, no internet. Haynaku. I really should get that laptop already. Like, real SOON. (Jasper, where art thou? How’s our Project Laptop going?)

Anyway highway. I’m blabbering.

If I may go back, 2006 has brought me significant milestones in my 23 years of existence. It’s as if NOW is the only time I can mean it with all conviction and sincerity–2006 came and went beautifully (not necessarily without pain, but beautifully, nonetheless) and I’m never the same.

I turned 23, hence the inevitable quarter-life monologues here and there. And then there’s the big move. The big change in friendster status. Those on-and-off considerations to shift careers, and finally having the courage to take the red pill.

I can’t remember the last time I cried–and I don’t mean the mushygushy kind of cry that happens when you’re singing praise and worship songs, or when you hear a good sermon at church, or when you’re in front of the tube symphatizing with Meredith Grey (this kind of crying happens to me on a regular basis, so no, I don’t mean those). I meant the all-out type of crying where you can feel your eyes pop out and you can’t breathe and you feel the world closing in on you. The point is (and I do have a point), unlike last year which was full of hardcore crying, this year, I’ve learned to face life’s ordeals head on. More importantly, I’ve learned to become more trusting. I guess that’s how I’ll remember 2006–full of blessings, definitely; and full of laughter, leaps of faith, and ♥love (ohh, lots of those).

God has been uber amazing, whatcanisay? The (not-so-new-anymore) new job, moving to Ortigas and embracing roundaclock independence, the new set of characters in this lifestory, the countless blessings I don’t deserve–everthing, everthing just fell to place beautifully. :)

And then 2007 came with a surprise that’s now rocking our world (read: apartment-world) in a funny (and sometimes irritating but still funny) and feel good way.

Ironically, while we don’t need more “responsibilities” to think about, JC (a 2 month old black pure breed terrier) came at a time when we needed her most. :) Maybe I’ll write about her one again of these days.

Happy (Uber-belated) New Year Everyone! :) HOP, HOP and AWAY. :)

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