July 15th, 2008 Comments Off on Seriously

I spent the entire weekend OFFLINE (coz Globe had some *technical interruptions* in Caloocan — must have been *divine intervention*, lol). Of course I was complaining half the time, if I may add. Now, I’m back ONLINE, and not only has my karma points suffered, I’ve got myself three days worth of backlog in my inbox too, thankyouverymuch.

So it’s the start of the week again. I don’t have a life. Pff.

Photo found through Nan :)

Spotted at Shangrila Mall

July 8th, 2008 § 14

Spotted: L, M, J, & R, gracing Shangrila Mall with their gorgeous presence, Wednesday night. Xoxo.

I can’t remember how there was the four of us. Must be that Mobius-sponsored dinner last year, but I’m thinking it’s way before that, even. Sure, I’ve been seeing Mae and Liz online long before, what with their very popular and in-demand www presence, and me being a fangirl. Heh. (Joni, meanwhile, is a long-time loyaalll friend and rant-buddy.) :p I’ve always loved reading their blogs (mostly because I can *relate*), and exchanging comments here and there.

Niche-less that our blogs are, we find ourselves a common ground that is somewhere in the middle of tech blogging, and design, and SEO, and food, and music, and being 20+ish, and wellwhatever (© Oh hai, Liz!). But taking the friendship offline was even more real, and more fun. Yep.

So what type of bloggers are we, we discussed over our yummy Tender Bobs dinner at Shangrila. *Food blogger mode starts now.*

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Truth Thursdays: On My Walls..

July 3rd, 2008 § 11

Joining Ate Stef’s little (but not-so-little-anymore) Thursday project, which you can read more about here. It’s their 8th, but it’s my first. :)

On my walls, I would write…


(Uhm, yes. On all four walls. Heh.)

Then maybe the place would start to feel like it.

(Also, if there’s more space, I’d scribble little hearts. And question marks.)

OT: Thank you, girlfriends, for the gorgeous night. Will upload photos tomorrow. <3

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