Dear Jody, You Are Loved

April 14th, 2009 § 1

I knew it was your birthday this week that’s why I lurked in your blog (like I usually do) to drop you a note, only to find out that I missed it by a day (fine, 2 days). How lousy can I be. Forgive me for being slow, must be the age.

For what it’s worth, I stopped blogging birthday greetings long ago because I ran out of beautiful things to say to people I love. But just for today, I’m making an exception. Because I think someone like you deserve an entire post (albeit delayed) instead of just a comment in your blog.

So hey girlfriend, in behalf of all those people whom you oh-so-thoughtfully remember on their birthdays, here’s a delayed birthday greeting to OUR Jody. :)

I wish I have a copy of *that* one polaroid of us.

I hope you don’t mind delayed birthday greetings.

Also, I’ve been meaning to say — go “hide under the covers” and shoo us all away anytime you want, it’s alright. Just know that at the end of the day, you’ll always have love everywhere you go. c”,)

Stay sweet and thoughtful.

♥, Mami Riz

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