Two Random Things To Buy ASAP

November 16th, 2007 § 6

You know all those wish lists I used to make? Well, this is NOT like one of those. These items are MUST HAVES. And I don’t need to reach for the stars to have them. I’m getting these coz I need a break. And I need to do other things besides being in front of my laptop, doing SEO and wedding album layouts.

Filipino Cook Book. Que Horror!! I know, I’m shocked at myself too. I’ve always set aside the thought of doing some serious cooking.. until this certain someone started pressuring me to think of my future family, and what I’m going to serve them for dinner. I mean, yeah, my kids would probably love pizza and Jollibee everyday but that’s not exactly responsible parenting, right? Hence, the awakening: I need to learn how to cook.

See, I even had to take photos with my camphone to remind myself.

And what better way to start than learning to cook Filipino dish (let’s set aside Italian and Mexican for more advanced learning, shall we)? I think it would be nice to finally know what’s behind my favorite Sinigang. And Kare-kare. And Pochero. Man. I can’t believe I’m saying this, and blogging it for all the world to see. Pfft. Okay, I hide myself now.

Next item(s).

Kendall Payne CDs. Now this is more like ME. Music, yay. I didn’t know she existed until Episode 5 of Grey’s Anatomy. Her song, I Will Show You Love, was playing at the closing of the episode, and it stuck with me since. I downloaded an MP3 from iTunes, including two other random songs from her albums Paper Skin and Grown, (Not Afraid to be Me and Scratch). And I love all three of them. :)

Kendall Payne’s Paper Skin and Grown

I want more of her! Hence, the urgency. iTunes downloads can’t be shared, I want something I can share to people also.

So there goes my must-haves for this month this week. Watch me, I’m gona get these two (actually four) items SOON. ;)

I'm Not a Plastic Bag Sighting in Manila

September 27th, 2007 § 11

So Anya Hindmarch launched its line of “I’m not a plastic bagenvironmental bags a few months ago, and by now, it says (on its website) that all bags of that kind are already sold out in the United States.

I’ve always wanted one. If I was in the US, I probably lined up on the day it was launched and grabbed one for myself. I heard from Minic that his wife got hers for only $15 (around 650-700 pesos), and I was green with envy!

Fastforward to the other day, while on a vanity spree with my housemate at St. Francis Tiangge, I found an “I’m not a plastic bag” replica at some random stall, to my amusement.

I'm Not A Plastic Bag Philippines
I’m Not A Plastic Bag sighting at St. Francis Square, Ortigas

You can get it at 300 pesos, or, if you’re good, you can probably bargain up to 280 php. But of course, it’s far from the real thing. It looks the same, but the finish and the material used does not really cut it.

It’s interesting how environment-friendly stuff has become such an in-thing these days. It’s different from the ukay craze (which, for some reason, I happened to have outgrown already), or spending hours walking around Tutuban or Greenhills to scout for cheap fashion. While these types of bags do not really cost less than regular bags, the bold declaration of a worthy cause plastered on the bags is what makes them so posh.

A good friend, Miss Cathy Babao, also ventured into a similar project on reusable shopping bags. I’m still waiting to get my hands on one. Heehee. ;)

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