Surviving Novembers

November 30th, 2006 § 0

If there is one art I’ve mastered the past five years, it’s this: Surviving Novembers with only love and grace to keep me through.

It’s a funny coincidence how Novembers have given me both the happiest and the most painful experiences in my 23 years of existence. One crossroad after another. One fairy tale preserved in a hard-bound journal forever. One leap into the unknown.

Which ultimately brought me to where I am now.

Now — Happy again, loving the sight of twinkling lights, singing radio mush, taking snap shots of the simplest things (rubics cube on a coffee table, droplets of rain on glass windows, red and green satin ribbons, and other beautiful things). I have everything.. just everything I ever need.

Last year, I looked forward to that time when I could smile again on a November day. The time has come. Who would have thought? :)

Colorful, complicated rubics cube; Sweet, chilly toffee nut latte;
Most people fail to see it but trust me, they make a great match.
December nights, here we come. :)

* * *

Detours: Anywhere but here, maybe we don’t need words; Ituloy angsulong, maybe we can make it to finish line; Guitarchic dot net, maybe this time it will last.PS. Apologies for the emo-ness of this post. What can I do? It’s the season to be.. emo. c”,)

Welcome to Guitarchic.Net

November 28th, 2006 § 1

Hi. I’m Riz. If the world is a box of crayons, I am pink. (If it’s a box of candies, I’m strawberry drops.) I love daisies, and guitar music, and empty buses on a rainy day, and other beautiful, beautiful things. My boss once said I have no future in cynicism. After much thought, I realized that maybe he’s right.

Life. Hope. Love. ♥

Welcome to Guitarchic.Net!

What Was I Thinking?

November 28th, 2006 § 1

I once purchased Guitarchic.Com. But I got tired of it. Today, about 45 minutes ago, I just felt like buying a domain name of my own (again). So I registered a dotnet, installed wp, and here goes: the product of my over-impulsiveness. Ha, ha.

Clickityclack. Who knows, this maybe for good.

You Came and Stabbed my Teddy Bear

November 2nd, 2006 § 0

I thought of blogging bout this but my frustration got the best of me. So hey, just read his blog. I’m not mourning about it anymore. I realize there must be a bright side to this somewhere. Life is too short to be spent whining. By the way, thanks, Marc, for telling the story for me. ;)

* * *

On another note, I’m not sure if this is the best time to do this. I know I’ve always projected myself to be this tough-chic-slash-hard-core-guitarist-wannabe who doesn’t have a care in the world but, well, so much for an overstatement. I’m coming out in the open.

Confession #1.
I had four straight nights of greasy Burger Mcdo Happy Meals just to get all four Strawberry Shortcake characters the past week. I am such a loser. But I luuuurve them. (Why o why didn’t we have these toys back our time? Pfft.) Right now, the friggin dolls are sitting comfortably on my office desk, hoarding all sorts of (positive and negative) attention. Congrats naman. :P

So hey, meet the gang. Angel Cake, Orange Blossom, Ginger Snap, and Strawberry Shortcake. No touching, please. They’re ALL MINE. Wahaha. :P

Confession #2.
My mom has been feeding me all sorts of cough medications and vitamins the past few days. She’s been texting me, nagging me, and reminding me every so often to take my meds. Lately, however, she’s starting to worry why I still haven’t made it to recovery. What she doesn’t know is, her little spoiled brat of a daughter is feasting on endorphins when the cat is away. So hey, if I die at the age of 24, it’s all my fault. My parents did their best. :P

High on antibiotics.
And double doses of endorphins.
And triple doses of YOU.

Confession #3.
At night, I sleep with a bear. Ohh and I don’t just squish her, I don’t just talk to her. Sometimes, I take her out to shopping and buy her clothes too. And she has a bank account (haha, riiiight). I really intend to keep this one a secret but today is a day of honesty.

So guys, meet Vanie (yes, she’s/it’s a girl, mind you), the absorber of all my stress at the end of the day. She keeps me sane, she makes me laugh. She’s the closest thing I have to a family especially when the roommates are bitching on me (haha).

So imagine my fright when I found my baby in bloodshed on the eve of All Saints Day. Trick or treat??

At this point I’d like to thank my psycho roommates for proving once again how annoyingly sweet they are. You raaaak girlfriends. I’m soooo touched. And because of that I give you loadsful of sour candies, my very own virus, and a filthy dirty room courtesy of yours trully. May you cough all year round. LOL :P

Then again, I know these lovely ladies mean well (??!!). So thanks be to them, for remembering me this All Saints Day. Besides, I had my revenge. Bwahaha. :P

* * *

Ayt, confession’s over. Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day passed in a blur, I almost didn’t notice it. (*conscience* Coz you’re glued to One Tree Hill almost every chance you get, silly.)

I’ve never really enjoyed Trick or Treats, and Halloween parties, and going to the cemetery whenever this season comes by. This year, just like the past years, my family spent the whole day at home, pigging out. And watching One Tree Hill (I got them hooked too haha). And discussing scary stories and what the Bible says about them. Of course we remembered Lolo, but mostly, we just spent quality time together as a family.

If I had it my way, I’d rather we celebrate Thanksgiving Day whenever November comes (how come Filipinos don’t have Thanksgivings?). You know, have a whole day devoted to thanking God for the blessings, the unexpected people He allowed to come our way, and other beautiful beautiful things. After all, it’s almost the end of the year, and what better way to usher the Christmas season than simply being thankful. After all, God has been so good, and faithful, inspite of us.

Right. I never thought I’d see Novembers this way again–full of faith, and hope, and love. *ngiti hanggang tenga* (Yooonnn. Showbiz!)

Hay. Napagod ako magblog (at ngumiti). Next time ulit. :p

PS. A lot of things are happening over there.

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