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First things first
I’m Rhiza Sanchez but you can call me Riz. I’m 25, I have two older brothers, a SuperMom, and a SuperDad who’s in a better place now.

I’ve been blogging since way back 6 years ago, not really knowing that my juvenile online drama will take me where I am now. Also, I recently admitted to myself, and with the blogosphere as my witness, that I’m a writer — because I love (and hate) writing, and because there are things that one has to do for a living, and for me, writing is one of them.

I graduated with a degree in Communications Research (that aspect of Mass Comm which deals with qualitative and quantitative data analysis, just in case you never heard of it) at UP Diliman. I started out my career as web copywriter in 2005 (fresh out of college) at Epacific Global Contact Center, albeit unaware that I was already doing what I later learned was Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Two years into the industry, I now work as a full-time SEO Manager at US Auto Parts. While I continue to explore the ever dynamic world of internet marketing and new media, I supervise and help train an in-house team of thriving web copywriters and SEO specialists.

I’m an advocate of women empowerment (but no, not really a feminist) — of women making a difference in a male-dominated industry such as the one I’m in. (More of this sentiments in my Pink SEO blog.) Incidentally, in the recent major SEO Philippines event, I went home with a recognition, and a plastic crown. I also used to write for 901am.com, a new media related blog owned by Splashpress Media.

Recently, I started to become fascinated with wedding layouts, and have been given an opportunity to work with Filipino-owned, New York-based Mypinoywedding.com. You can view my first few projects here and there. When I’m not doing SEM, or when I’m not online, you can find me listening to music, playing the guitar or keyboard, tinkering with photoshop, having coffee or shopping with girl friends, or clicking away with my Nikon D40.

I Talk, Sometimes
My first ever speaking stint happened to be at the first ever Search Engine Marketing Conference (2007) here in the Philippines were I talked about Advanced Link Building tactics. Just recently, I was also the main resource person for the SEO leg in our company’s Internet Marketing Bootcamp, which ran from January to March (2008).

Sunsets. Fluffy pillows. Chuck Taylors. Pink. Coffee. Hamsters. Road trips. Food trips. Guitar music.

Obsessive compulsive. Manic depressive. Reckless driver (you don’t want me to drive your car). Impulsive shopper. Frustrated dancer and poet. Nocturnal. Coffee addict (but because I’m having a hard time sleeping at night, I prefer Decaf). Clumsy. Unathletic. Scatter brained (I misplace things all the time!).

I grew up in a Christian family, my Dad was a pastor, and my Mom, a Bible School graduate. Our church is like a second home to me. Growing up, I’ve come to believe in God as my Lord and Savior, and that there’s no other way to live this life but to live it for Him.

I’m not married, but I’m in love.

♥ ♥ ♥


I’m Guitarchic here and there. I know it’s kindof inappropriate to proclaim myself such when I’m more of the keyboard-girl than the guitar-chic, youknowwhatI’msaying? I’ve been playing piano since I was 6. I started playing guitar when I was 14. At church, I play keyboards, and I teach kids how to; but I rarely play a guitar in front of a large crowd. When I’m holding a guitar, my stage is my room (or back in college, some random space in Sunken garden, under the trees.) In short, I’m no expert at guitar-playing, only, I realize just now, that maybe guitarchic’s who I am when no one’s looking. So don’t expect expert guitar tips, or guitar chords/tabs (I suck at reading tabs pfft), and the like, from this site. And don’t expect me to accept invitations to play onstage or with your band (I once got an invitation to play in a band, wouldyoubelieve?) My being a guitarchic, I insist, should be contained within the four corners of my room, and the pages of this blog.

Pink SEO
It’s Pink S-E-O, not Pink SEEYO. To the local SEO community, I’m pink. And it came about just recently, when I joined SEO Philippines‘ keyword ranking contest, and hid myself under the identity “pinkseo”. Itwas a pretigious competition, joined by the best SEM gurus in the country. I barged in carrying a banner that says, “Because SEM is not only a Man’s World” in bright pink colors, hoping that I could somehow make a difference in a world that is dominated by men. So gay, I know. Haha. I’ve always known that I have to double-time and learn more to BE more. So one morning, it just dawned on me. I thought, perhaps the best way to learn is to be out there, in the field, where the action is. Read the rest of the story there.

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Ok, this is getting a bit long already. More next time. :P