Welcome to the Pilipins

November 30th, 2007 § 12

I got an email from one of the clients I was doing SEO with last night, just as the Makati coup was subsiding.

The Philippines is headline news here in the UK at the moment. I hope that all is well and that you were not in the Peninsula Hotel area of Manila yesterday. If, however, you are involved, then please, can I tell you that violence is never the answer, Riz, and I urge you to put down your weapons and get back to work on [inserts site name here].

Haha, really funny. Pfft.

Then again, this whole brouhaha is funny. Trillanes is funny. This curfew thing is funny. The Philippine politics is a laughingstock and is made of lots of funny people.

Boohoo. Welcome to the Pilipins. ;)

Let Me Tell You Something About Break-Ups

November 23rd, 2007 § 16

Heh. I guess you can tell by the title of this post that this is going to be one long icky rant huh. Don’t worry. It’s going to be icky, but I’ll try my best not to make it long. Promise. :P

Lemme just say, before anything else, that I’m blogging this in behalf of my roommates, Aster and Ivy, who are fortunate enough *gag* to get front seats to this quarter-life drama that my life is. Tell me, what could be better (or worse? haha) than spending your 24th year of existence with two ladies who understand what you’re going through because they’re experiencing the same crisis? :)

That being said, there was no need for explanations amongst the three of us when we took our seats inside the cinema of Shangrila Mall for a last full show of One More Chance. No need for explanations when Aster took out her box of tissue and started sniffing. Or when Ivy started making fun of the actors in an attempt to keep the tough act (haha!). Or when I started tapping my feet restlessly because I hated the thought that I could relate to what was happening on screen.

Call it cliche, or jologs, or whatever, but it actually felt weird watching something vaguely familiar. I’m not really a fan of tagalog movies but I’m quite impressed how they managed to capture real-life break-up drama in a made-up story. Of course everything was a haze. Five years worth of ups and downs in a relationship jammed in 20 minutes. Months of sleepless nights and torturous mornings summed up in 2 or 3 scenes. Moving on, adjusting back to being single with a little help from your friends, and getting a new job, all in 30 minutes. Two years of moving away to “find yourself”, fastforwarded to 2 minutes. In real life, it’s more agonizing and longer than that.

The ultimate truth of the matter is, experiencing a break-up is probably one of the most (if not TEH most) liberating, life-altering experience in the world. While it’s mostly painful, it’s an opportunity to get to know yourself a bit more and to acknowledge what you’re worth. It’s the kind of experience you’d want to go back to when you need something to draw strength from, or when you have a friend who needs to be comforted.

Take it from someone who experienced something like it. I’m not an expert at all, just like Aster, or Ivy.. just like the rest of you. Break-ups are real. It happens, but it’s not the end of the world.

Years after you experienced that heartbreak, just like the movies, it’s easier to look back and say it wasn’t that long after all. You’re able to focus on more important things (career, family, friends, yourself), and just when you know you’re ready to love again, someone comes along who’s ready to love you more than anyone has ever loved you before (hey, say cheese). I’m sure you’ll agree when I say nothing beats knowing that the things that happened in the past ultimately brought you where you’re supposed to be. No more regrets.

Life is funny that way. It’s sometimes mushy, sometimes predictable, oftentimes agonizing — it’s a series of ups and downs — but it’s worth living just the same.

Just like a mushy tagalog movie.

Lol. Yeah. Whatever.

Thinking of Daddy on His Birthday

November 16th, 2007 Comments Off on Thinking of Daddy on His Birthday

My Dad would have turned 58 last November 9. I refrained from blogging or writing anything that day because I didn’t want to be too emotional. Besides, my family and I had a fun time together celebrating his birthday over dinner, I didn’t want to ruin it by being the crybaby that I am. :)

Then again, I guess there’s really no way I could avoid missing him and wiping tears off my eyes once in a while. No way I could stop thinking of a lifetime ahead of me without him to share it with.

*Sigh* It’s been almost 8 months. Sometimes it still feels like a dream.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m happy. We‘re happy. Happy that he’s not battling anymore with cardiomyopathy. Happy knowing that he’s not experiencing any more pain. Happy knowing that he’s happy where he is now.

Two Random Things To Buy ASAP

November 16th, 2007 § 6

You know all those wish lists I used to make? Well, this is NOT like one of those. These items are MUST HAVES. And I don’t need to reach for the stars to have them. I’m getting these coz I need a break. And I need to do other things besides being in front of my laptop, doing SEO and wedding album layouts.

Filipino Cook Book. Que Horror!! I know, I’m shocked at myself too. I’ve always set aside the thought of doing some serious cooking.. until this certain someone started pressuring me to think of my future family, and what I’m going to serve them for dinner. I mean, yeah, my kids would probably love pizza and Jollibee everyday but that’s not exactly responsible parenting, right? Hence, the awakening: I need to learn how to cook.

See, I even had to take photos with my camphone to remind myself.

And what better way to start than learning to cook Filipino dish (let’s set aside Italian and Mexican for more advanced learning, shall we)? I think it would be nice to finally know what’s behind my favorite Sinigang. And Kare-kare. And Pochero. Man. I can’t believe I’m saying this, and blogging it for all the world to see. Pfft. Okay, I hide myself now.

Next item(s).

Kendall Payne CDs. Now this is more like ME. Music, yay. I didn’t know she existed until Episode 5 of Grey’s Anatomy. Her song, I Will Show You Love, was playing at the closing of the episode, and it stuck with me since. I downloaded an MP3 from iTunes, including two other random songs from her albums Paper Skin and Grown, (Not Afraid to be Me and Scratch). And I love all three of them. :)

Kendall Payne’s Paper Skin and Grown

I want more of her! Hence, the urgency. iTunes downloads can’t be shared, I want something I can share to people also.

So there goes my must-haves for this month this week. Watch me, I’m gona get these two (actually four) items SOON. ;)

There Was a Shih Tzu in the Office

November 9th, 2007 § 12

And you could feel that the little puppy really lit up the whole place, making everyone take a break from their computers to watch the cute little thing run around with his tail wagging behind his furry legs.

The puppy kissed me. I’m in love. :P

So meet Spike, one of my colleague Christine‘s Shih Tzu pups for sale. Someone already owns Spike, though *sniff*, so there was no chance I could take him home with me. Haha, I know, it’s not like buying a Shih Tzu is part of my plan (and my budget) right now. It’s just that.. I couldn’t help but wish I have a puppy myself. I held him in my arms and a big gunk of stress was suddenly lifted off my chest. I mean, seriously. Puppies are really therapeutic. I immediately fell in love with Spike that I had to spend a good thirty minutes off my work hours to play and take pictures of him. And in that 30 minutes, I just couldn’t think of anything else.

Owning a puppy (a Shih Tzu, for that matter), however, is not at all easy and cutesy. While it’s considered a stress-reliever, ultimately, it’s a responsibility too. Imagine all the dog poop. And shopping for pedigree. And giving him a bath and taking him to the vet. Plus, with a Shih Tzu (or a Poodle), there’s the regular trimming of fur, too. Initially, you have to spend several thousands to get yourself one also. (Shih Tzus and other similar toy puppies would cost about 8K up.)

On top of everything else, think about the emotional attachment. I cried over the death of my hamster. And so is Sheila. Gail is having a hard time getting over the death of her dog, Sheero. I mean, it’s impossible to not be emotionally attached to pets. Why, you invest not only time and money, but effort and emotions too.

Just the same, all the responsibilities attached to owning a dog doesn’t stop me from considering owning one someday. Not now. Someday. I nonchalantly told Christine to reserve me a girl pup on her next batch of puppies, if ever. I’m not ready now but who knows.. by then, I could be.

Quotable Quote from George O'Malley

November 3rd, 2007 § 4

It just so happened that I was watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 4‘s 5th episode Haunt You Everyday, on the day the whole country’s celebrating All Soul’s Day — the first one where I actually have a Dad (who passed away) to remember.

I’m loving George O’Malley’s character in Season 4. Anyway, this is, if not the most, one of the most moving speech in the episode for me.

I dont have kids, so i dont know how its like to lose a child but i do know how its like to lose a parent. Your daughter loved you, i saw her this morning, she was fighting for you. She’s fighting for your life. You’re her dad. You’re her dad, she won’t leave you, I know that. I also know that she would want you to have her heart. I would have given my dad my heart if i could. If I could have saved him, I would have given him my heart. ~ George

I felt what George said. I would have given mine to my Dad too, if I had the chance. But okay, let’s save the drama for a later post.

That is, if I get the courage to write one. Sigh.

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