Say it with me, Twen-ny-siiiix

May 27th, 2009 § 20

An entire weekend of bed rest, a late night visit to the isolation room of Medical City, and some cough syrup and antibiotics later, I think I’m finally starting to feel better. :)

It was kind of strange to be coughing like crazy on the week of my birthday, thank God for loved ones who didn’t mind being exposed to my virus to celebrate my 26th birthday with me. Now if the theme of my 25th birthday was good will and remembering childhood, this year, it was surprises — big and small, my entire week was just so full of them.


I didn’t think I’d enjoy being in the receiving end of surprises as I’ve often been the one staging the surprise, but for once, it actually felt good to have family and friends who went the extra mile to remind me (over again) that I am loved.

[You can stop reading here and jump 3 pharagraphs, because I’m gona blabber about people you don’t know next, and I can’t guarantee that you can relate.]

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Dear Jody, You Are Loved

April 14th, 2009 § 1

I knew it was your birthday this week that’s why I lurked in your blog (like I usually do) to drop you a note, only to find out that I missed it by a day (fine, 2 days). How lousy can I be. Forgive me for being slow, must be the age.

For what it’s worth, I stopped blogging birthday greetings long ago because I ran out of beautiful things to say to people I love. But just for today, I’m making an exception. Because I think someone like you deserve an entire post (albeit delayed) instead of just a comment in your blog.

So hey girlfriend, in behalf of all those people whom you oh-so-thoughtfully remember on their birthdays, here’s a delayed birthday greeting to OUR Jody. :)

I wish I have a copy of *that* one polaroid of us.

I hope you don’t mind delayed birthday greetings.

Also, I’ve been meaning to say — go “hide under the covers” and shoo us all away anytime you want, it’s alright. Just know that at the end of the day, you’ll always have love everywhere you go. c”,)

Stay sweet and thoughtful.

♥, Mami Riz

Here's Another Vote for Mikey

September 20th, 2008 § 3

Before anything else, Mom, I know you regularly lurk in all my blogs.. please, don’t judge my friend by the stuff he writes. He likes making things up, and making fun of himself, and he’s actually just using his blog to cover up all his insecurities. He needs all the friends he can get, Mom, I hope you understand. Love, Riz.

So yeah, I don’t usually involve myself in popularity contests like this, but I’m doing this out of the abundance of my heart, for one of the smartest bastards I’ve ever met in my professional career. Not that Mikey needs more votes, as it seems now, he’s got a bunch of people rooting for him already. And not like Mikey needs more recognition and fame, after all, he is THE rising internet star.

But I’m still making my vote count, because I know there’s more to Mikey than his egoistic, non-sensical, and perverted blog. He’s actually a good friend, someone you can trust, *ehem* once in a while. Even though he owes me a lot of money from all those Mcdo and Wendys deliveries that he thinks I forgot already. And even though he steals stuff from my desk, like my ipod connector or my tissue roll, when I’m not looking. I know he does it just for fun, because he doesn’t need my stuff, nor borrow money from me or anyone because he’s rich, as evidenced by his payslips lying around the managers’ area, bearing all the money he gets paid for for plurking and surfing youtube at work the whole day.

So yeah, I vote for Mikey. :)

And no, I won’t tell how much his monthly income is. (Then again, shoot me an email and I will probably consider sending you a scanned copy of his payslip, in exchange for Sonja’s cupcakes. Or Krispy Kreme.)

List of sponsors after the hump. I mean, jump.

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Ditto, Girlfriend, Ditto :)

December 28th, 2007 § 2

As for the few things that made me smile today (given that my mind is still on holiday mode and I have to go back to the office against my will), this one’s definitely climbed the charts.

I consider being friends (and meeting) with Liz of, Rhiz of and Joni of as the biggest blogging achievement I got this year. Blogging brought the four of us together, four different individuals sharing the same passion. — Mae,

Who would have thought I’d be part of someone’s biggest blogging achievement this year? :) What can I say? Ditto, girlfriend.

So.. when’s the next kape kape? :)

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