I Was Featured in Manila Bulletin Yay

February 20th, 2008 § 10

This is long overdue already but I’m blogging it anyway. The Blog-o-rama column that featured my two blogs came out last weekend, Feb 18, on the Technews of Manila Bulletin. I didn’t know when it was gona come up, hence I didn’t get myself a copy, grr. I found out about it only the day after, good thing a friend has got a daily subscription of the paper. Yay.

In the interview, I talked about my blogs and how they evolved from a personal venting channel to a tool that has helped me establish my profession. Also, I talked about how it’s like to be a struggling female SEO (I know, this is a pretty old tune already, ha!) in this IT industry that’s been mostly dominated by men. I had fun answering Miss Annalyn’s questions, I guess it pretty much showed in how I blabbered my way throughout the interview.

So yeah. Thanks (once again) to Miss Annalyn Jusay for this wonderful opportunity. :) I took snapshots of the column and uploaded them there. Also, the online version can be found here.

Teh Dream Job, I Can Has It!

February 16th, 2008 § 13

Remember that “Dream Job” I once blogged about? That Yahoo Philippines Online Community Manager job opening which, for a while there, I thought I’d like to consider? (No, I didn’t even dare apply, though). Well, the thing with that job is, it required a lot of online and offline socializing and traveling and talking to people — some of the things that appealed so much to me.

Fastforward to now, Day 5 of the Internet Marketing Bootcamp is happening here at our USAP office in Pasig as I type this. I just finished my talk on Search Engine Optimization, and Rico Sta. Cruz is now discussing basic design principles. And I. Am. Not. Listening. Haha. I’ve heard Rico’s talk about 5 times already anyway (hehe), and quite honestly, his has been one of my favorites – ahhh, the frustrated designer that I am. ;)

Anyway, as I browse through my feed reader while Rico talks up front, I find myself reading the recent developments in Yahoo, following the news about their laying-off of hundreds (thousands?) of employees. Apparently, Yahoo’s lay-off included a bunch of VPs, and just recently, Jessica Bowman, who was Yahoo’s SEM Manager — which really came as a shock to me and probably to the rest of the Search world too. I’ve always been an avid lurker of her blog, and she’s been one of the few female SEO gurus I’ve always admired.

So I go back to that job opening that I sooo excitedly blogged about a few months ago, and realized that whoever got that job has probably been laid-off by now too. :P

Anyway, I know I wouldn’t stand a chance then, even if I tried. What really struck me now is how much I’ve dreamed of a lot of things — of getting out of this country and finding my place in (or out of) this industry — when all the while, I’m already right where I should be. I guess it just took me a while to weigh my options, identify the pros and cons, and realize that there’s still more to this place that’s worth the squeeze.

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I Had a Chat with Gio and Aaron Wall

October 11th, 2007 § 7

I have a confession to make (again). During Gio Villanueva-Wall‘s Q&A on Keyword Research Tools and Tactics at the SEMCON, I was the one who SMS-ed the question “How does it feel like to be Aaron Wall‘s wife?” I mean, seriously, that was a valid question to ask, right? I’m sure a lot of us were curious to know! :)

I got myself a competition” and “I am married to the Internet!,” Gio said to a room-full of SEMCON attendees. Didn’t I just say that it’s a good SEO technique (for female SEOs) to marry an SEO guru? Hehe. (Way to go Sharm! LOL) :)

Anyway, I was lucky enough to be able to have a chat with Gio when she and Aaron dropped by the Intercon the next day (SEMCON, Day 2). And unexpectedly too, as I just happened to be sitting at the back with some guys from SEO Philippines, near the entrance, when the couple dropped by.

With Gio — yes, that’s my back okaaay.

It was lovely to know that Gio speaks fluent Tagalog, hence it wasn’t that hard for me (LOL) to chitchat about tiangges, and shopping, and boracay, and stuff that are not related to SEO. And it was even more thrilling to know that she happens to be dropping by this blog (guitarchic.net) too once in a while. I mean, really now? :)

And really now, it’s not everyday you get to chat with an SEO rockstar in his shorts and slippers. *starstruck*

Chitchatting with Aaron Wall woohoo :)

Inasmuch as I wanted to ask Aaron more about his book and his SEO secrets, I ended up asking more questions about him and Gio, how he likes it here so far, and his interests aside from SEO, and music (music!! man!! I was talking about music with Aaron Wall, haha), etc.

With the Walls :)

I had my ten minutes worth of air time with the Walls, yay ME — perhaps one of the highlights of my SEMCON experience (which I will blog more about later). Very down-to-earth, both of them. :)

I told Aaron Wall that he’s got a pretty good taste, falling in love with a Filipina. And I could say the same for Gio, for marrying The SEO Book. Er, I mean, the author. Hehe.

As for me, I’m still starstruck. (And wondering if someday, people will tell my husband-to-be that he’s got good taste marrying this SEO girl that I am. Blpht.) :p

*Photos courtesy of Jason Torres, who happened to be holding Konks, my camera, when I was having the grand SEMCON time of my life.

Commercial Break: Pinkseo's Ratified

June 15th, 2007 § 5

And for some reason, I chose to blog it here because I want to keep that blog, as much as possible, sanitized from occasional outbursts such as this one unless the outburst is because of a new pink gadget, or me getting an email from, say, Search Engine Journal or Matt Cutts (LOL!) telling me that they want to interview me (pathetic, I know) or they want me to write with them (dream on Riz!) or something like that. Anyway.

I have a pending meme to work on, plus piles of SEO stuff to do, and some backlogs at 901am. In short, there are a lot of things I should be doing now. But let me pause everything else for this overwhelming, funny, and unbelievably cool news flash.

Pinkseo's Ratified

Oh WOW. Guitarchic.Net ranking fifth is unbelievable enough. Getting 5th and 6th places is outofthisworld!! :upsidedown: So hey, Andrew, I don’t know you (and I’m sure you don’t know me either) but because I’m benefiting a lot from your little project over there, and because I love that you’re promoting the local, Filipino-powered blogosphere, you’re now officially my most favorite person in the whole wide web.

Okay. Just for today, lest you start to think I’m psycho or something. Hehe. :)

And because I’m overjoyed, here’s more link love to Andrew dela Serna the man behind all of this, and to Ratified.Org.

Ratified.Org. Ratified.Org. Ratified.Org.

Ok. I’m stopping now and will try working on my composure offline. Hehe. Be back later. :)

Pink Hat SEO

May 1st, 2007 § 10

Yesterday, I was out with a friend (slash business contact) for a possible SEO project consultancy with one of his clients. On the way home, we talked about SEO stuff, which, surprisingly, is still a foreign language to him considering he has been a blogger, and a web developer for quite a number of years already. From on-page optimization, to linkbuilding, to SEO Philippines, to Black Hat SEO, to my personal linkbuilding tactics, etc, we had a fun time discussing and learning from each other.

At one point, we discussed about the differences between Black Hat, White Hat, and Grey Hat techniques.

  • Black Hat SEO — methods to try to improve rankings that are disapproved of by the search engines and/or involve deception. This includes keyword stuffing, hidden keywords, comment spamming, etc.
  • White Hat SEO — conforms to the search engines’ guidelines and/or involves no deception. This include publishing unique and fresh content, and getting legitimate links, etc.
  • Grey Hat SEO — falls somewhere in between. Sometimes there’s a thin line between what’s legal and not. As they say, in SEO, there’s always a grey area too. :P

But you know what’s really working for me right now (and the past months)?

  • Pink Hat SEO — linkbuilding achieved through distributing pink and girly wordpress themes; and being all pa-cute and charming, posting pa-cute pictures of yourself, and uploading pa-cute podcasts to get more traffic, and doing personal favors in exchange for backlinks. And then, there’s twittering pseudo-emo posts that aim to spark fellow twitterers’ curiousity, making them visit your site just in case you posted a more elaborate story about what you posted in twitter just about five minutes ago. (Face it — women have the potential to RULE the SEO Industry. Bwahaha.)

With Pink Hat SEO, before you know it, you have a network of lurkers who would either talk about you behind your back, or visit your site out of sheer curiosity. Whatever the case, you get traffic anyway. :P

Hi, I'm "Riz of Pinkseo"

February 7th, 2007 § 8

When sites like this notice (even a gossip site whaddaheck), for a non-superstar like me, it’s overwhelming. Hehe.

The dearth of double-X chromosomes in this Ituloy Angsulong SEO hullabaloo is remarkable. While browsing through sites of those in the running towards being the Philippines’s next top blogger, the testosterone is just so palpable. I wonder why?

Shrewd, manipulative, calculating—women have traditionally been attributed these traits (ooh, that’s going to get me in trouble with feminazis). If that were true, then women would definitely do well in the realm of SEO (and that includes this Ituloy Angsulong competition!).

Speaking of girl power, there’s Riz of Pinkseo —I just love her Ituloy Angsulong site! (Mine is much more fabulous, of course. *muahaha*). Pink is the new blog. Her site theme screams girl power! But what I like most is that she has positioned herself as part of a minority and used the fact to give her site character.

Read in full.

Does that mean I really should take my boss’ advice and wear pink on awardings night? Gah. The contest is nearing its end. Please continue supporting Pinkseo’s Ituloy Angsulong contest bet. Yeboy. c”,)

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