End-of-Year Resolutions

October 19th, 2006 § 0

Just a thought. Sometimes I wish my bloglife is not as public as it is now. I mean, yes, I’d hoard site traffic anytime. Being exposed to Internet Marketing the whole of this year (and beyond), I think I’ve managed to grasp the idea.. of Google, and search engines, and the internet, and websites, and links, and web blogs, etc, etc.

Then again, I hate it that my blog, so it seems, has also become a subject of unsolicited criticisms. And inasmuch as I want to say JUST LEAVE IF YOU DONT WANT WHAT YOU SEE HERE, I have no choice but to take in comments as they come. After all, each one of us is entitled to his/her own opinion.

Then again, SO AM I (entitled to my own opinion). So, please, please, people, haay, please. Just.. respect. That’s all I ask. I guarantee you, I’m aware of the things I post here, even the words I use. I do not wish or intend to stumble anybody. Yes, even you.

* * *

On to the lighter side of things, this I blog in between piles of articles to proofread at work (coupled with short breaths towards a looming deadline by the end of the week). Gaaah. Petiks Mode used to be a way of life in my previous job. Now, it’s luxury. I’d hoard any chance to get away from my tasks, seriously. BUT it’s not like I’m complaining. This is what I want anyway. To be more productive, to lessen idle moments, to focus on developing my career, blahblah. Haha. Go pep talk. :P

But really now. Take me away from here.
Take me, I’ll come with you. Anywhere.

It’s nearing the end of the year, but just the same, I’m making a set of new years resolutions to salvage whatever’s left of MY 2006. It’s (almost) always never too late for resolutions, after all. Right? Right.

So just because Jasper chose to celebrate his birthday (last night) at some Brazilian resto at Metrowalk that serves a sinful oh-so-sinful menu of about 17 types of meat (eat all you can, mind you); and I’m nearing broke because I’ve maxed out my credit card limit the past three months; and I’ve been overspending on food, fashion, and vanity; and it’s the BER-months already and I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet; here’s what I resolved to do:

  • Lessen the shopping sprees (case to case basis)
  • Avoid places like St. Francis, boutiques, online shopping sites
  • Lay off on meat for the next few weeks days
  • Manage my finances wisely, FOR STRICT COMPLIANCE
  • Open a savings account and start being a responsible mother to my future kids haha
  • Spend more quality time with my mom and my dad than with the computer (this has a bit to with the credit card hehe)
  • (and this just in) No more tardies from here on ppffttt, I shall do my utmost.

Well, that’s all for now. My brain’s gone home already and is not really in the mood to cooperate.

* * *

And then at the back of my head I start hearing my ever favorite ONE DESIRE by Hillsong. It was soooo hard singing it last Saturday, during the band practice. It breaks my heart to sing the lines, “this is my ONE desire”, “just to be where you are Lord”, “the one thing I ask is to be with You”– when I’m aware that God sees my heart and that He knows full well that it’s a mesh of desires that is apart from Him. *bugtong hinga na malalim abot hanggang dulo ng pacific ocean*

Work in progress, I am.

Then again, all of us are.

Maybe we just have to strive to be more cooperative each day to make the work an easier toll. Maybe this is what life is about.

So let me add that one to my growing list of year-end resolutions.

  • Focus. Focus on things that matter. More so, Focus on Him.

So there. I’m off now. Someone’s waiting.

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