Surviving Novembers

November 30th, 2006 § 0

If there is one art I’ve mastered the past five years, it’s this: Surviving Novembers with only love and grace to keep me through.

It’s a funny coincidence how Novembers have given me both the happiest and the most painful experiences in my 23 years of existence. One crossroad after another. One fairy tale preserved in a hard-bound journal forever. One leap into the unknown.

Which ultimately brought me to where I am now.

Now — Happy again, loving the sight of twinkling lights, singing radio mush, taking snap shots of the simplest things (rubics cube on a coffee table, droplets of rain on glass windows, red and green satin ribbons, and other beautiful things). I have everything.. just everything I ever need.

Last year, I looked forward to that time when I could smile again on a November day. The time has come. Who would have thought? :)

Colorful, complicated rubics cube; Sweet, chilly toffee nut latte;
Most people fail to see it but trust me, they make a great match.
December nights, here we come. :)

* * *

Detours: Anywhere but here, maybe we don’t need words; Ituloy angsulong, maybe we can make it to finish line; Guitarchic dot net, maybe this time it will last.PS. Apologies for the emo-ness of this post. What can I do? It’s the season to be.. emo. c”,)

Welcome to Guitarchic.Net

November 28th, 2006 § 1

Hi. I’m Riz. If the world is a box of crayons, I am pink. (If it’s a box of candies, I’m strawberry drops.) I love daisies, and guitar music, and empty buses on a rainy day, and other beautiful, beautiful things. My boss once said I have no future in cynicism. After much thought, I realized that maybe he’s right.

Life. Hope. Love. ♥

Welcome to Guitarchic.Net!

What Was I Thinking?

November 28th, 2006 § 1

I once purchased Guitarchic.Com. But I got tired of it. Today, about 45 minutes ago, I just felt like buying a domain name of my own (again). So I registered a dotnet, installed wp, and here goes: the product of my over-impulsiveness. Ha, ha.

Clickityclack. Who knows, this maybe for good.

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