September 2nd, 2006 § 0

After I tried it out with JV’s SLR, I decided I don’t have what it takes to pursue professional photography. You see..

(1) Hawak palang mali na hehe. (What can I do?? It’s heavy!!)
(2) I got cramps in my neck after about 30minutes just carrying it around.
(3) I feel more comfortable BEING IN FRONT of the camera rather than HOLDING IT.

Ha, ha. :P

SLR might be too much (too heavy?) for someone who just wants to camwhore. So I shall stick with Bugi, my trusty N6630, until I find myself a decent digicam to take camwhor-ing to the next level. Just something to capture kodak (and non-kodak) moments with. Preferably something dainty to fit a small purse or to squeeze in my mess of a bag.

For now, Bugi shall suffice. After all, I don’t need high-res photos anyway. Besides, there’s always photoshop. :P

* * *

My friend, who was visiting from New York, had free tickets to Penshoppe’s Denimlab Rockfest @ the Big Dome. So last night, I went with him, quite impulsively I should add, and realized how much I’ve missed him the excitement that comes with loud, heart-thomping rockmusic that makes your eardrums feel like bursting to pieces.

Two consecutive nights of rakenrol, I’m stuffed. Parokya and Kamikaze really know what it means to raaak. Back-to-back Sandwich and Sugarfree brought the house down it was maddening. Imago and Mojofly raised a big hotpink flag that screamed girl power. And I have a new crush in the form of Mojofly’s littledrummerboi. Pfft. Focus, Riz, focus.

Anyway highway.

The other night naman, we went to see this free concert staged by 89.9 to launch The Album that’s been rocking today’s local music scene, Kami nAPO Muna—a tribute to the great trio Jim, Buboy and Danny, better known as the APO Hiking Society.

Although I was never really an APO fanatic, probably because I was still into Barbie (the doll) and Sweet Valley High when APO was at the zenith of their career, I’ve always been aware of their songs. I mean, who among us did not sing Batang Bata Ka Pa or Pumapatak Na Naman ang Ulan at least once in our lives as students, as kids?

IMHO, more and more songs today have been lacking substance, ergo, contemporizing these wonderful, wonderful APO classics is definitely a great idea.

Kami nAPO Muna’s been on my playlist the whole week. I especially like Imago, Moonstar88, and Barbie’s female versions of the songs Ewan, Panalangin, and When I Met You respectively. 100% mush, guaranteed. Of course there’s Parokya Ni Edgar’s version of Pumapatak ang Ulan, Sandwich’s Bakit Ang Babae, and Itchyworm’s Awit ng Barkada—my recent favorites. Lately, I’ve been downloading APO originals, and I sure am loving them.

But you see, I think I fell more in love when we saw in the concert (it was very crowded, mind you), just a few steps away, none other than Mr. Jim Parades himself—in the flesh. Yup. There, in the crowd—standing, sweating, dancing—just like the rest of us. No bodyguards. No bouncers. Just him, his daughter, and some friends.

I spent most of the time watching his back, his profile, his arms as he waves them in the air while dancing to Kamikaze’s wild version of Doobidobidoo. After a while, people started noticing his presence, swarming around him to have their pictures taken. I would have loved a picture with him too but I didn’t want to ruin his moment. He seemed to be enjoying just being in the crowd and appreciating the music he helped create—without hoarding the limelight to himself. So I fought the urge to tap him in the back and click my camphone to his face. Hehe.

Such a humble, down-to-earth guy, Mr. Jim Parades. Seeing him there was enough experience. If he was my Dada, I would have been proud of him too. c”,)

* * *


On the way back home with my New Yorker friend last night, I heard one of the first Christmas carols of the year. It started to sink in, the “ber”-months have just began. Another page in the calender was torn to pave way for a new season.

Did anyone say, “wake me up when September ends?” Start counting. You have about 30 more days to sleep.

Where oh where did August go? What’s an even more fitting question, where did the first half of the year go? Gone like poof.

Last week, I filed my resignation from this company which has given me that crucial jumpstart to my professional life. And although my resignation letter only took about 7 sentences and a lot of white spaces, it was, undeniably, one of the hardest letters I had to write in my life. Don’t ask me why.

While part of the reasons is remotely similar to what Pomski’s whining about on her blog, my craving for growth, for something new, has been put on hold long enough.

One morning I woke up ready to take the red pill.

I’m counting the days….

But I think this particular happening in my life deserves a separate post. c”,)

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