My Grown-up Christmas List

December 28th, 2007 § 4

So how’s your Christmas? :)

Mine was fast, I almost didn’t notice it. (I mean, I only noticed it now that I’m back in the office like a zombie after the pseudo Christmas break — I swear, I go like, “man that was fast” every now and then). It was different, to say the least, as it was our first Christmas without Dad. Like I said before, there will always be that empty seat, and I will always miss my Dad especially in occasions such as this. There’s a combination of sadness and joy remembering last Christmas, yes, but I’m thankful because I feel as if there’s some sort of a force-field around me this Christmas season, protecting me from any depressive attacks due to excessively missing my Dad, thus making this Christmas tear-less for me. God is good.

Anyway. I know it’s three days too late to be making yet again another Christmas list, but whatdaheck, Christmas happens only once, you can never have enough lists. So even though Christmas has come and gone already, here’s an addition to my beyond-budget Christmas wishlist (which I probably won’t be able to get myself UNTIL next Christmas, haha). Not that I’m complaining, really. I’m happy enough completing my shopping list, and giving away gifts for everyone. There’s much greater joy in that. :)

But of course, beyond the material things, one needs to have wishes that are.. intangible.

So this Christmas, I wish.. have a sense of direction, to decipher the road signs being sent my way and take the right turns and course of action without wasting time; have the courage to do what should be done — to get out of my comfort zone if need be, or to have the patience to stay if it’s not yet time to go; have peace of mind even in times when I can’t see what’s at the end of the road; be more trusting and less pessimistic, to talk less and listen more, to plan less and act more; have more time doing the things I love, at my own pace, at my own time. be mindful of the more important things in this life — investments, relationships, family, the people I love, God; be able to support more missionaries, holistic ministries and outreaches, both financially and in prayers; have a fruitful coming year, after all I’ll be turning 25; spend more time with my family. go places.

I’m talking in riddles again, I know. But, well, these are my heart’s desires. I pray God desires these for me too. ;)

As an end to this post, here’s a song that I always love playing even when it’s not December (composed by Kuya Reeve, a dear friend, and sung by Sheila Juan, one of my girlfriends from college), which I post now because December’s almost over, and I don’t want to wait another 12 months before I could have a chance to share it with you guys. Hehe.

Now if I would dedicate this song to anyone, I’d dedicate it to those whose hearts are full of hope. I wish you find joy and love this Christmas in the simplest of things. :) Enjoy the rest of the holidays, everyone! :)

Lyrics after the jump.

December Dawn by Reeve | Download MP3.

Original composition by Kuya Reeve
Sung by Sheila Juan

Counting the days
The cool wind on my face
With the scent of December dawn
With feelings are reborn

What might have been
All those pictures of unfinished dreams
Take me back to all those years
of Christmasses without you near

Looking up at the bright morning star
I know that this year
I’ll be where you are
With a change of heart
Our love will start

Uncertainties fade
A special christmas we’ll make

Cause no gift would be more perfect
More perfect than you
You’re the only wish i pray for
I pray would come true
I cant wait to wake up
to a new December dawn
With you by my side
from this Christmas on.

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