Thank you, Karlo

August 12th, 2008 § 0

Here’s a superdelayed thank you post, for Karlo Pineda, who, not only encapsulated my Dad’s memories into a beautiful poem, but took also the opportunity to have it published for all to see. :)

Sometime March of this year, Karlo’s very first draft was posted on my multiply account, a mere comment on that photo from that multiply album I put up during Daddy’s first death anniversary. Without really knowing my Dad, and just by looking at the photos I uploaded in multiply, Karlo wrote a poem I wish I had the gift to write myself. It was beautiful. And needless to say, it made me cry buckets of tears.

Last week, Karlo (with Camz in tow) made me cry again with this lovely surprise.

The July 2008 issue of Philippine Graphic

..with my Dad’s memory, printed on page 44 :)

It’s one thing to have read the poem from the comments section of my multiply account, another thing to have seen it splashed across the poetry section of a magazine — preserved in print forever.

What can I say? I’m honored to have received something intricately crafted by a brilliant poet. But even more so, honored to have a father who lived a life worthy to inspire someone to write something so beautiful. I will forever treasure this masterpiece. Thank you, Karlo.

P.S. You and Camz are still, and will always be, my most favorite couple. I’m counting on you guys. I need my regular dose of inspiration. Stay in love. ;)

After the jump: Karlo’s poem, From the Sky to the Kite, in memory of my Dad.

From the Sky to the Kite

& the blessedness
to fill your wedding church will be him.
not the familiar faces cheered
by candles, splashed with hymns.
not the promise you’ll sacredly utter
in front of god & a thousand petals. not the knot.
not even the groom who on that day
shall see beyond the whiteness you wear.
there will be an aching prayer
you’ll hush in your heart.
& with that prayer you’ll know beyond the heart,
beyond the prayer itself, beyond the vignettes
left of you of him—a cup of espresso,
a toothful & thoughtful smile,
kids commemorating him through personalized shirts,
birthdays, christmas, your mother—that
daddy is & will always be your sky.
& you, a little kite now flying away from the earth.
fly, little kite. say i do. & he has loved & loves you too.

(For Riz)

by Karlo Jose R. Pineda

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