Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Premier Quotable Quotes

September 30th, 2008 § 6

This is why I don’t mind not having a TV in the condo (my roommate‘s taking it home with her). With Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Heroes, Prison Break, and now, Grey’s Anatomy downloads to keep me occupied, who needs the tube? (Spoilers ahead.)

So the Grey’s Anatomy gang is back, and let me just say the first two minutes made me grip my pillow a bit too tighter — not like they can really take Derek Shepherd’s character off the story.

McDreamy is still as dreamy as ever, Mark Sloan is still annoyingly but irresistibly cute, Meredith Grey is still made of emo (sometimes too emo haha), Miranda Bailey’s still my most favorite character, and Cristina Yang.. she has got to be my new idol. Her bitterness and cynicism FTW! (Take it from Yang, happily ever afters are not real, yeh.)

And then there’s George O’malley who’s more gay than ever (it’s too obvious to hide), making Lexie’s fascination of him a bit awkward. The team up of Callie Torres and Erica Han is still a bit icky but is taking an exciting turn, Alex Karev is still way too unpredictable, and Izzie Stevens is still the mushiest thing. I can’t think of a character that I didn’t like. Even the army surgeon (Cristina’s new love interest) is hawt!

I’ve always thought that GA script is made of win, that it’s the perfect blend of emo, cynicism, and medical psychobabble that I never thought I would consider to be interesting (I never really liked House or Scrubs or ER even when I tried).

GA’s bound to an exciting season, yay. And let me just say getting a glimpse of Denny towards the end of the episode made my heart skip a beat. Now there’s an idea. What if they let Izzie keep this imaginary love affair with his dead ex boyfriend in their own alternate universe, then we could all anticipate Denny’s surprise appearances throughout the season, yay. Too bad GA’s not like Heroes or Prison Break where they can twist the story around just to bring a dead character back. Hmm. No wait.

I’m officially hooked again.

Quotable quotes from Grey’s Anatomy after the jump.

Meredith: The person that invented the phrase happily ever after should have his ass kicked so hard.

Meredith: So we’re standing out here in the hopes that someone is severely injured. Wishing and praying that someone’s so hurt and so near death that the ambulance has to bring them here because we’re close to the Mercy West.

Bailey: Yep.

Izzie: Wow. You and God are cool with that?

Sloan: You want to know how I teach? I’m like a guru. They come to me for help and I guide them along the path of truth and wisdom.

Sloan: You paged me for a cut? What kind of moron are you Omalley? Are you a special moron from the isle of complete and utter morons? (LOL!!)

Meredith: ..and I’ll be Dr. Mrs. Shepherd. And you know what comes after that, don’t you? Babies. And they’ll be his baby. So they’ll have perfect hair. And they’ll be chatty. So I’ll have five chatty babies, and a chatty husband, and live in a house in the wilderness. And then I’ll start sleeping with your husband. I gota tell him I changed my mind, don’t you think?

Cristina: You and Derek will not work. Moving in together is a mistake of massive proportions. It will not work. You know this whole thing, this happily ever after does not exist. So please, please, please, as you weigh your options here, just consider the possibility of shutting the hell up because I can’t listen to it anymore.

Callie: Hey we can be scared together.

Han: Yeah. Let’s be scared together.

Izzie: See. I told you I’ll show you my dress.

Denny: You’re better than a bride.

Ack, I remember jotting down quotable quotes from the previous GA episodes, and storing them in a file, so I could blog about them in my abandoned Grey’s Anatomy blog. (Yaikes, I forgot I had that one.) But nah, no time to do that now. :P

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