Friday Night Confessions

August 15th, 2008 Comments Off on Friday Night Confessions

Plurk is was down, it’s raining, I’m home, and it’s Friday night. There you go. Four reasons why I’m here blogging *again*, breaking my record of sporadic posts, and on a Friday night no less. (Three blog posts in one week! Would you look at that!)

Confession: There are three things that give me manic depressive attacks on Friday nights: (1) Being stuck in the office; (2) Being stuck at home; (3) Being alone. Ergo, I usually make it a point to be out with friends on Friday nights, OR, if I must be by myself, I should be in some crowded place where I could burn moneysss (lol), i.e., shopping rediculously expensive stuff I don’t need, or splurging on overpriced dinner.

Like last Friday, when I spent two full hours at Shangrila after work, and had a grand live-now-pay-later time with my credit card. Or the Friday before that, when I walked about three blocks from the condo to Pearl drive just to get Starbucks coffee, and walked back taking all the wrong turns, exploring the village I live in, and experimenting where the unfamiliar streets would take me.

It’s weird how I often forget about the other days of the week and remember how I spend Friday nights. I’m starting to get worried about myself. Heh.

Tonight, for the record, I spent it blogging. And listening to Disney music, hoping that it would cure my Friday night sickness. And thinking of the many other things I want to blurt out on this space but can’t because I’m done being emo because I’m 25 years old and I have to blog my age, LOL.

Uhm-kay. 30 minutes left before Friday night ends. I think I should walk.

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