Remembering Central Park

February 3rd, 2009 § 0

I absolutely enjoyed Central Park, but looking back now, I think I may have experienced it at such a boring an ordinary time of the year. Thanks to Mitz and Kuya Jojo who’ve been *unconsciously* providing me my regular dose of New York fix, I realized that I missed a lot because I was in New York a few days earlier, in a trip that was a tad too short. Blpht.

Sure, I saw the Wollman Rink where Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack had their Serendipity moment. But when I was there in October, the rink wasn’t ready for skating, and the leaves wore dull shades of green.

Wollman Rink in October 2008

A few days after I left New York, Central Park bloomed with all sorts of Autumn colors, and Wollman Rink started to look like a totally different and magical place!

Taken by Mitzi, Autumn

A few more weeks later, winter came by and Wollman Rink sparkled with glittery snow.

Taken by Kuya Jojo, Winter

I was there at Gapstow Bridge too when it was surrounded by green.

Those yellowish leaves, no, they’re not drying up, they’re just under the sun. :P

And this is how it looked in Autumn. (Hi, Mitzi!)

Meanwhile, Kuya Jo captured Gapstow in a postcard-worthy winter moment.

I had my Serena moment by the Poet’s Walk

..when it was green all over.

While Kuya Jo took a picture of how it’s like in white.

The Bethesda Fountain can be really enchanting,

even in an ordinary day.

But look, it’s even prettier in Autumn!

And then there’s the Bethesda Terrace October.

..and in December.

Spot the difference, yo! :)

Finally, this is how Bow Bridge looked like

..when I was there

..and when covered with snow.

That’s the thing with seeing familiar places in other people’s photographs. You try to recall how it’s like when you were there, and you get this warm fuzzy feeling inside because somehow you feel like you were once a part of that place (or that place a part of you.)

That’s kinda how I feel about New York. It’s a place you’d like to keep coming back to, even if it’s just in your head. I was there for just 6 short days, but I feel like I can relate to the pictures I see, somehow.

(I would have said the same thing about Sydney, but it’s not like I get to see Australian-made soap operas and teeny boppers on a normal day. Heh.)

I’m not sure when or how I’ll ever be back in NYC, but for the meantime, I have Google images, and Gossip Girl, and some friends’ multiply albums to keep me connected.

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