Chasing Flights, Legazpi Edition

June 9th, 2008 § 11

I really should start collecting canceled plane tickets. I’ve managed to accumulate a few in a span of a month, and while it has brought me frustrations along the way, I now laugh at my apparent bad luck (for lack of better term) in flying.

If I may trace my flying misadventures, it all began in Legazpi where I spent a few days with USAP‘s marketing mancomm last month. By the way, I almost forgot how much I enjoyed flying. I mean, seriously, while Mikey looked like he was gona puke the entire 30-minute trip, my only concern was how to get his face off the view so I can get a glimpse of the clouds (the bastard got the window seat, loser). Anyway. Point is, I enjoyed flying, in spite them saying how turbulent the flight was. And I’m really looking forward to the next opportunity I could get to fly.

Okay, wait, pictures first.

Marc, Francis, Rico, Ely, Mikey, Alvin and Mel

..and me, of course.

Sooo TGIS, I know right.

Anyway. Here’s where all the “bad luck” started flooding in.

I was scheduled to go back to Manila one day ahead of everyone, only I didn’t anticipate that I could take my horrid habit of oversleeping to that unfamiliar city, hence, missed my 7am flight. So I paid the no-show and adjustment fees, rebooked for the 11am flight but, lo and behold, missed it again because I was so stupid I thought I booked for the 1pm flight, not 11am. Stoooopidd, yes. And because that was the last flight back to Manila that day, I had no choice but to reschedule and fly back with the rest of the team the next day.

It’s all good, though, because I got time to visit the Cagsaua Church and a few other spots in Legazpi, as well as spend the last night in a secluded beach in Sorsogon with our wonderful wonderful colleagues there. Blessing in disguise you say? :)

Point is, I ended the Legazpi trip with a P2,800 worth of scrapbook material in the form of my TWO(!!) canceled Cebu Pacific plane tickets. Blpht, that would have sent me to another destination (like Cebu maybe) and back. Loser.

Last week, I missed a few more flights. (Manila to LA to Seattle back to LA to New York and back to Manila). Let’s not compute how much that costed now shall we? I hope the people in the USAP office (in Carson) were able to refund those tickets, or else I’d die of remorse. :(

All for a purpose,” everyone keeps telling me. And now I think I may have already figured out why. Everyday I become more convinced that it’s not “bad luck” that I missed all those flights. It just feels too coincidental that God must have a hand on it. He’s always full of surprises, anyway.

Hmm. Sliding doors? I’d like to think so. I guess flying can wait. :)

(This post I unearthed from my drafts, just because in my moment of reflection, I remembered that I should be heading back to Manila from LA tomorrow, ending my supposed 10-day US trip. Blpht. I have a few more unfinished posts there, wait.)

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